North American Social Solidarity Economy Forum

Minimal waste event

In an effort to create a culture of far less waste, we encourage conference attenders to bring their own bottle/cup for hot or cold drinks, eating utensils, a cloth napkin, and a plate and bowl. If this is impossible, we offer a few options: 1) Purchase a lightweight, reusable wooden plate, spoon, fork, and cloth napkin set for $10 from Homespun Hustle, a Detroit micro-enterprise; 2) If $10 is out of range, RENT the wooden dinnerware set for $1/day; 3) paper and plastic ware will be available as a final resort. We will have soapy wash basins and towels for cleaning your reusables after meals. Thank you for your extra effort in reducing our carbon footprint, taking a load off our landfills, and supporting local and handmade goods! Cover art

Thank you for this beautiful cover art for the Program Booklet. Donated by kehben grier, Beehive Collective.






3 thoughts on “North American Social Solidarity Economy Forum

    1. Jordi,

      WE will soon have a more formal annoucement. We are working on the program right now. We hope to organise April 7-9 in Detroit.

      You can connect directly to myself and Emily. Since we are both on the RIPESS Board, we can make the connections. If you don’t have my s-mail, ask Jason, Éric or Jodi Ribas.

      Yvon Poirier

  1. Mi nombre es Francisco Damián Morillas Valdés. Soy cubano y quiero participar en el Foro. Necesito saber como inscribirme y necesito una carta de invitación para la Embajada de EEUU en La Habana y para mi centro de trabajo.

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